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Get in touch with your genes!

Did you miss The Jordan Rich Program on Boston Radio WBZ AM 1030 February 26th? Jordan interviewed Joy Ashe regarding her debut novel, "Gene Defense: A Fictional Genetic Thriller".

"Genetic codes rule in Marblehead author's fictional thriller"
by Charlene Peters/Wicked Local Marblehead/Marblehead Reporter/GateHouse Media.

"Boston in 2013 will be significantly different than today...Although a work of fiction, this tale of health-care provisions and criminal genetic codes is based on many realities-with links provided as proof. With political powers out of control and a lovable and well-trained dog, Siggie, who is able to flip off a light switch and shut off an alarm clock, this story will keep you engrossed as you follow along in the adventures of Boston attorney Paeton Weaver, who from the start of protecting her sister, Casey, reconnects with her past. Her path leads her to find her cousin Barry, unclaimed family documents- and ends in political entanglement....Sounds like a thriller film in the making..."

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In Gene Defense, the author hits the reader in the head with these questions: Who owns your genes? You? The U.S. government? Are you responsible for your genes, or are your genes responsible for you? If you advocate that ownership...or worse, yet... if that ownership is usurped from you, what's your recourse against that force?

Don't give up your freedom! Who owns your genes? You? The U.S. federal government?

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