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Joy is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters-in-Crime, Inc.

Joy Ashe (pseudonym) has had a life-long dream to write fictional novels having been captivated in her pubescent days by Nancy Drew's mysteries. These books became a diversion during Sunday morning church services.

With her undergraduate and post-graduate work in Psychology and a twenty-eight year professional career in technology sales and marketing management, human behavior analysis has pushed her from that vocational path to delve into the fictional world. Characters parade in her mind prepared to dive into future fictional stories.

An amateur genealogist and historian having inherited over four hundred years of family genealogical records from her father, she has a strong interest in genetic influence over human behavior. She has spent days-at-a-time studying old chancery records, sloshing through red-clay soaked cemeteries and traveling to remote locations in search of her roots. In the course of those journeys she has made many new acquaintances, found shocking stories of times past and been inspired to bring human foibles to life.

Joy Ashe
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WHAT IF YOU discovered a member of your family has a criminal gene? What if the federal government required all citizens and residents to be DNA tested for genetic vulnerabilities? What if in the course of that DNA collection process, the examiners determined you were prone to murder, violence, or other criminal acts? What should happen to you as a genetic mutant? Undergo gene therapy, elimination, or other measures?

After the 2012 presidential election, in an effort to build a more efficient, superior country, America led the cause full speed ahead on a collision course. Eugenics measures were reintroduced on a populace enmeshed in their own economic survival. Humans can't seem to resist mixing science, law, religion, and politics, particularly when money is behind the cause.

In 2013, while citizens were distracted by the minutiae of their existence, a new radical political infrastructure manifested itself from the collapse of the economy in an attempt to rebuild on a whole new social ideal. Extreme secretive actions, if not stopped, would change how human worth was measured under the guise of improving the American society.

In Gene Defense, Boston attorney Paeton Weaver takes the reader on a journey, written by her hand late in the year 2013, to examine the social, psychological, and legal ramifications of genetic social engineering when under new U.S. leadership, the citizens become valued based on individual genetic characteristics. This journey commences up close and personal with the apparent suicidal death of Paeton's brother-in-law, Lenny Bell. Paeton's sister, Casey, becomes a person of interest in his demise.

Paeton discovers the dark Weaver family history through a series of nightmares. Secrets kept hidden over two hundred years reveal ghastly murders. She ponders her own genetic fate.

She hears from her long-lost cousin, Barry, who become4s involved in a dangerous scheme to right extreme wrongs. He risks his own life to save the country from a power-hungry president and obedient bureaucrats........

ISBN13 Hardcover: 978-1-4535-6255-0 

ISBN13 Softcover: 978-1-4355-6254-3

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